Pan-European Buying Trends 2016

In Research by Andrzej Bania

Traditional research tends to fall into one of two categories: Large scale ‘surface’ data and small scale ‘granular’ surveys. In conjunction with DISTREE, the European Hardware Association launched a major research initiative at the start of 2016, into the kind of technology buying trends that we are likely to see in the coming year.

The European Hardware Association (EHA) brings together nine of the region’s largest independent technology publications, with a combined audience in excess of 22 million visitors per month.

Together, EHA members have published more than 100,000 articles and, as such, the EHA is unique suited to create research that is (a) large scale and (b) intelligently detailed.

We are also able to gather that data quickly and efficiently.

After presenting the summary data at DISTREE EMEA 2016, the EHA is now making the full 14 page report available.

It includes summary data for every country represented by the EHA – as well as a combined ‘overview’ of the European enthusiast market as a whole.

The average spend on new technology in 2016 for an EHA reader will be over €1,000, giving a total influence for the EHA in the region of €22 billion.

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