European market most excited by VR in 2016

In Research by Andrzej Bania

With summary data being first presented at DISTREE EMEA 2016 in Monaco, the complete EHA Pan-European Buying Trends Report 2016 (Q1) is now available for download. It brings together the results of a unique survey of more than 10,000 European technology enthusiasts and industry response to the report has been extremely positive. 

In the coming months, we will be revealing some interesting numbers and providing commentary.

Below is the data we gathered about the technologies that our audience find most exciting.


When compared to the audience’s actual buying intention, we see some enormous differences between the numbers. In some cases, there is a clear correlation between excitement and purchase intent. In other cases, the purchase intention is very different.

The full EHA Pan-European Buying Trends Report 2016 (Q1) also reveals the channels that are most likely to be used when buying these new technologies. All of our data is broken by country, as well as being summarised.

The average spend on new technology in 2016 for an EHA reader will be over €1,000, giving a total influence for the EHA in the region of €22 billion.

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